Does shred light replace covers?

My shredlight rubber is worn so bad that it tear apart. They don’t sell the rubber on website so wonder if I can get replacement?

Email them. They should replace it.

I got a few spares from them during my warranty. Got 3 extra rubber sleeves laying around if you can’t get directly from them.

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Found a link to buy direct:


I contact them but so far they didn’t get back to me yet. If you can send me one that would be very nice of you. Can you ship to Canada toronto?

Hmm sounds a bit weird that they haven’t contacted you, did you use their website to contact them, or email? I waited a few days for my first reply after I did the method in their website.

If you pay shipping i’d be happy to send one out.

Sure thing I’d Pay for shipping, I’ll pm

I keep loosing them I’m Down to two now on my board

I got the cogs printed for my boostedboard v2 dual + I have extended pack the Board is crazy fast

Shredlight sent me brand new cover for free.

Problem Solve!

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