Does size matter?

I have been reading as much as possible to get as much info as I can before posting. Where I am getting stuck is batteries and board size. I am trying to build a board to go 20mph with a 10 mile range. I travel at times, so swap-able batteries would be great, I was originally thinking the Inboard M1, though building your own is too much fun to pass up and yields a way better board.

I am looking at a 33 inch board that I really like with a 25 inch wheelbase, though I am worried it won’t be stable at 20mph. Doing my homework and looking at a bunch of boards, I see the 33" board having as much usable foot room (?) as a 40 inch drop through, so stance should be good. What’s been your experience with size?

Second confusion and the biggest is batteries. Where to find them, which ones etc. I see most people suggest 12s LiOn packs, problem is the price and where to get them. $400 for battery is a little much for my first go and budget. I have resolved to just get cheap Lipos until I can find a good source for a good pack though am worried about the instability and difficulty charging on the fly.

I was thinking smaller size packs because i would love to be able to travel with the board even if that means having a pack in each country. (I have friends I visit regularly) and ability to swap them out on the go.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

for only 20mph and 10 miles of range, you don’t need anywhere near a 12s 18650 pack. 8 or 10s would be fine, and that will save money, space and weight. an 8s4p or 10s3p of 2.5ah cells would give you 270-280 watt hours of energy, or at least 15 miles of range, and more than enough power. Even an 8s3p or 10s2p would probably be adequate.

I’m a fan of 18650 batteries, but a well-thought-out lipo pack can be a good budget-friendly option. You can always add a BMS to your board to remove the need for balance charging. A simple two-wire charger is what I use, looks like a monstrous laptop power brick.


Thanks. Any suggestion on where to buy the battery pack, cheaper? Anyone build packs?

@barajabali builds battery packs, as well as a few others, but it won’t come cheap.

An economical option is to go the way of lipos, but do your research and utilize internet search engines plus the search function here on the forum concerning going this route. Plenty of people here use lipos over liions for various reasons and haven’t had problems. [A reminder though, each battery chemistry comes with it’s own list of pros and cons.]

Also remember, the cells you will eventually have in series will depend on the kV of the motor you are getting, because you want to be mindful of the ERPM limit. Once again, do your research.

Board size though is where it gets tricky. There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer here. Most would recommended a board with a good long wheelbase, for stability at higher speeds. But it all comes down to what you are comfortable riding. Some need a board with a kicktail, some don’t, for example. Some end up building a compact esk8, but don’t ever intend on going over 16mph, so they get short boards in the 22-28 inch range. It all comes down to your comfort level and skill.


GO WIDE It has been my experience that a wider wheel base makes a more stable ride. Going from standard 180mm Caliber trucks to Torqueboard’s 218mm Caliber clones. The feel of those wide trucks is simply amazing :wink:

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My wife said Yes, size matters

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Even a 6s4p pack with 25r cells would get you around 10-13miles range. @willpark16 makes packs I’m pretty sure

Pm me if you need one