Does someone already order from


I oredered 12 days ago a VESC on this website : But I never received it, and they don’t answer my emails … :frowning:

Does someone has any experience from this company ?

I was thinking first it was UK company, but realized it’s a Lithiuanian company…, I hope it’s not a fake ! Damn, I should have order in Germany from !!

I think there was another topic where someone had the same problem as you…

Some of the reviews indicate some similar situations to yours.

If it were me, if they haven’t responded within a week of asking for more information, I’d contact my credit card or paypal and start a chargeback.

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I second you! Get your credit card company involved, this is business! Let us know how it went.

Yes I just engaged the paypal dispute yesterday, and now ask for refund. I’m waiting for reply of paypal services, I hope it will not be too long…