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Does the FVT120a have regenerative braking?

Ive seen a few people running this ESC. Any of you know if it does? Thanks

I might be wrong but i think all ESC’s have regenerative braking but obviously the VESC does it many times better than that car esc.

when your motor spins without exerting power to spin itself, it turns into a generator, that is how the most basic of generators work. you can see this yourself if you flip our board upside down and spin the wheel very fast, your esc light will blink for a second. It produces some regen, but not very much to measure let alone count on for your commute home.

I am 90% sure that it dosnt but it’s not a deal breaker. It’s worth the money escpecially because it’s almost half the cost. I am currently running one now with a wiiceiver from Austin david

@minimorris77 actually if you unplug your battery and try to ride your board, if you get over like 10-13mph your motor will be spinning fast enough to turn your esc on and you’ll here the start up beeps before you lose your power. Give it a shot