Does this 9s diagram make sense

So i would charge one in 6s pair and one 3s solo baterry… Does it make sense or do you have better suggestions? Do you all just parallel charge, my enclosure is not really parallel charge friendly :slight_smile: thx

There are a few things that stick out to me.

  • Make sure your balance is hooked up correctly or you’ll get sparks. I have mine below.

  • Not sure on this, but you don’t show how your changer is connected to the positive and neg ends of the battery, is there a way to charge off the balance plug?
  • If there isn’t I think you’ll need to charge liiike this:

  • Of course the loop key would need to be disconnected while you are charging…

I think ill try to bms it in the end, I just have to figure it out :slight_smile: here the plan was to use a series adapter for the 6s, but you are right for the 3s part, Id need a parallel charging port…