Does this BMS balance?

So i only found 1 other post on this model. I know most are into the d-140… I ordered this in a whim for a “science” build pack not really reading the specs 100% but knowing I wanted a charge only BMS… but recently reviewing the deets I notice this specific BMS vs all the other for 12s from bestech/litech this one doesn’t specifically say balancing… so does that mean it doesnt balance each cell group? and that is just only cuts current when it reaches max voltage regardless if theres drift then??


if you view the spec sheet for all other BMS’s in this class they all provide a balance value.


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Yeah it’s just over/under voltage protection

No Buenos 10ccccc

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I would be kind of surprised if it didn’t, but you’d have to take that aluminum cover off to see either way.

be surprised then. if the spec say no, it means no.


I meant more in general. I mean, the whole job for a BMS is keeping the pack happy, and keeping the cells balanced is a big part of that.

I know some really large packs like Tesla’s don’t have balancing because they have such good cell consistency and the averaging effects of having so many cells in parallel… but still!

I’d say no; that one does not balance.

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It doesn’t. I literally just pulled it off one of my packs to switch to one that balances.

how long were u using it? and did you happen to test the groups and see if there was any drift or other issues? I probably wont use this for any high end battery build but im wondering what use Id have for this specific bms at this point then? =/

These look like the BMS’s used in the meepo packs I opened. What’s the point of the balance wires if it doesn’t balance?! Sorry if this is obvious.

I only used it for one cycle. I did check the cells, and there was no drift yet. This bms is really only good for making sure you don’t overcharge. I switched to a similar sized 12s, the bestech hcx D606.

You could always pair it with a balancing chip if you already have it. There are also external methods of balancing.