Doing Small Upgrades To My Boards Feedback Wanted

Going to keep this post short. I earlier posted about drive gear vibrations from my eskating dual beast. Currently got it for vesc repair which should be finished by by the end of the weekend.

If anyone is curious about my previous post, here it is:

The board I am reffering to:

Current config: Deck: Evo Trucks: Caliper 2 trucks Motors: Eskating 6355 (maytech) Motormounts: Drivegear: 36T 3d printed one Motorpulley: 15T Battery: 12sp5 Wheels: 90mm abec clones, soon to be swapped out for 97mm’s.

So what changes do I want to do to the board? I want ease of use with drivegears and clearence. I want wider belts and easier motormount to adjust belt tension. Down bellow I’ve put together parts from electicboardsolutions. I want you guys to leave your opinion on the parts I’ve chosen for the upgrade. Is there anything better that I could be using etc? I might in the future swap to 6374’s, keep that in mind if you wanna suggest a different motormount.

Need to replace current motorpulleys since we are going up from 9mm -> 15mm.


We wanna move away from the previous drive gears without bearings, we feel like they’ve put a lot of pressure over the drive gear in general which is unnecessary.


15mm belts, nothing special. Just more durable than 9mm.


We are obviously forced to go from regular caliper trucks to a extended caliper truck to fit the drive gear and the bigger belts.


Last but not least belt cover down bellow.

Belt cover:

I do realize you guys get these question all the time, this is my first DYI board (previously owned a evolve…) All input is very appriciated. Just to make sure to anyone reading this, I am totally inlove with the product Alberto at Eskating built but wanna make some adjustments to fit my needs.

Thanks a lot, Leonard

For motor mounts or a complete drive train system I would recommend It would probably be cheaper buying a full drive train (motor pulley, wheel pulley, belt & belt cover) from him instead of buying the parts individually. Idler pulleys are fantastic and once you try them you will never go back. This motor mounts will work for any 63xx motor.

I think you have the wrong post linked there mate. FWIW, I still believe you are going the wrong direction as far as truck wobble under power is concerned. 15mm belts and pulleys will definitely help with power transfer and eliminate skipping (in my case I have minimal under severe braking) but will not solve your problem. What is wrong with the motor mounts? They are easily adjustable and very rigid. If you want to switch to 6374s in the future you will need a wider truck such as the TB218 and these will fit as it is essentially a wider caliber II.

Hey man! sorry for not responding on instagram. Glad you posted this here though.

The decision to use UNiK mounts would be a good one, you mentioned doing that in insta. They’re super solid, i even had a bus run over them recently and they’re still straight enough to maintain perfect belt alignment even though the cross bar bent with the hanger.