Don’t buy used battery’s from people you don’t know build them correctly

I bought a battery from @SFJerryTW and it’s really bad build, I don’t know if I can rebuild it ? What do you guys think ? Good thing I caught it because it would of burn the house I turned it on and it started spark imageimageimageimageimageimage


Damn! What cekls are those? Is that silvertape? Doesn’t work well with heat… And no cardboard/fishpaper on positiv terminals…

18650 Lg hg2

And the solder is really bad it came apart on 2 different spots I used it for about 30 meters

Have you contacted the seller? If so, what was his response (if you received one to begin with)?

Shit. Disassemble that pack asap and start to check each cell IR, voltage etc. I would not leave that pack unsupervised

Yes but he was last here June 20

How manny amps are you pulling ? This battery cant handle high current, with only one thin layer Nickel metal, in the serie connections. I think thats why the melting corners. This battery gets hot. Poorly build battery

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Was it shipped by air?

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It was ground

Good’ish :grinning:


@moderators there should be a rule that if you sell a battery you have to post pictures of the build Because this is really dangerous



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I tend to get more annoyed when people KNOW they should be doing something but they really cannot be bothered doing it properly - and here we have the award for ‘most half assed fish paper usage in battery 2018’


That’s why it got melted positive all the way to negative on some

Did that guy use a torch for soldering? That looks terrible!,

  • Use fishpaper & Kapton tape
  • Solder the balance wires on a narrow nickel tab between the cells (preferable on the negative part of the cell) IMG_20180609_143301
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The current contineuos draw is 60A on the LG hg2 with 3p. I have the same exact setup and it works well with one strip at 0.15x10mm. You have to consider that the strip has two dimensions that matter when designing for current , thickness and width.

Overall I have to agree that the assembled pack looks very sketchy…

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We should have a thread with good, trusted battery builders on the forum. It would be good for safety of the buyer.


Yes because it’s not a game if it catches on fire in a house someone could get hurt or even worse


I use this chart, made of a person who knows what he is takling about. Now i know why so many have a lot of voltage sag. Nickel 10mm 0.15mm can’t handle that much of a current. The series connections is critical, because the total amount of current is going to float there. So you are feading 10mm 0.15mm with 60 Amp ? OMG