Done! 1st build.. 39" 6355 dual drive, focboxes and 10s4p

Well i guess Im long over due for an into to my build but def wanted to share it as all my info came off this site. Im a pretty DIY guy and after purchasing a Meepo last year and loving it I started to desire more range because I was riding harder and faster. It started with a battery idea and then the rest of the belt drive all came with it =)

What initially was supposed to start as a single drive 6355 with possible expansion to dual, escalated very quickly into said dual drive when I got a deal to get a focbox but buying 2 was a better price. So ok, now i have 2 vescs coming instead of one…well fuck it, may as well get the other drive then right??

For about 2 weeks i had a single drive while waiting on cells and the other motor and very unimpressed with the braking which was another “excuse” to go dual to the girlfriend lol…

At any rate just when I thought i was done are we ever really done?? Of course not as listed below with “in process” upgrades!!

Heres what were working with:

deck - 39" skateshred deck, drop through top mounted… with @dickyho metal covers arriving today and some cool graphic grip tape off amazon.

battery - 10s4p PF cells running at 40amp max… built by me and the trusty alakura spot welder. However Im currently building a 12s4p 30q pack waiting on supplies from china.

drive train -

  • @torqueboards 218mm trucks w/ a caliber 2 44* baseplate on the rear
  • motor mounts by @marcmt88 and had his pulley system which was great at 15/36… then was feeling the need for more speed and upped to an 18/36 aluminum set by (once again) @dickyho currently topping out at 29-30mph which is “fast fun” but could use a few mph to get to that almost scary level =)
  • 2 maytech 6355 190kv motors… (currently) and 2 of the budget chinese unsensored 6374 170kv motor laying on my desk waiting for install AFTER i test 12s with 6355 first then moar motor tests :wink:

electronics -

  • 2 focboxes
  • GT2B master cho remote and mod (started with a winning style remote which was flawless in my area BUT in NYC I was getting to much RF interference)
  • 2 hm-10 BT modules which are wasting space since android oreo done fukd things up =P
  • custom rear tail light made of 1" x 1" wood dowel wrapped in tape and decorated with left over grip tape (3d print design in process)
  • 1000 lumen headlight which is awesome… in custom 3d print which still cant handle road vibration but very close to a final product =)

misc - kayak handle to carry the board which i Fn amazing. Very ergonomic and feels great in the hand.

Overall this thing is weighing in at 20ish lbs if i recall right! Pics are below but if your more of a voyuer then I have everything in video form uploaded to a new YT acct. Hope to shred with some of y’all soon!


The wrench holder footstop thing is awesome :smiley:

Nice build!


Its actually just a wrench holder and the extra bit extending back was to gap the drop through area BUT I actually do find myself using quite frequently as a tactile cue for my front foot. #unintended =)

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Great first build!

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Grip tape and wrench holder are awesome! :sunglasses:

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Thx! I figure if I have to stare down at my deck all the time I want it (and others) to have something cool to look at!

I like the grip, well done