**DONE** [H] Enertion Nano X Remote [W] Moded GT2B Remote or $40 Cash (local to SoCal)

edit: pending trade

Hey guy’s I recently got this Enertion Nano X Remote and wanted to trade it for a Moded GT2B Remote or $40 Cash (local to SoCal). Thanks.

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I’m not sure how to PM you but I’m interested in buying your remote. I’m in socal.

Click next to his name

Still cant figure it out… But Chris if you can PM me that would be greatly appreciated, I just signed up for the site and I’m a total noob apparently.

I’m not sure you can message anyone. You joined one hour ago. You will have to wait for him to reply.

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Hey thanks man, I was wondering why I couldnt post anything or message lol.

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