[DONE] Remote needed asap!

Lost my nano x andneed a remote by sunday. Cantravel anywhere in socal!!

Psychotiller probably has the mini in stock right?

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is this for Ciclavia?

They have a cream for that

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took me a sec. HAHAHAHA

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Anyway. I actually have a Nano-X here. Yes I’m still in the office at 1am. Gonna be in OC Saturday. Ciclavia on Sunday



Yea…my remote is lost somewhere in my room amidst all my ish… is that an extra that you can sell?

If your place is that messy. The remote is not the problem hahaha.

It’s extra. Decided not to use it after redoing my raptor 1. I’ll trade you for a pack of zealous bearings. Or TWO packs of reds


No. Myproblem is my wife who constantly buys things without having room or my son who treats my things as his toys. Not to mention my 89 year old grandpa who lives with us. He puts things away and forgets where he placed them but i digress i will gladly make that trade. I can meet up tomorrow if u have time


I know the pain. I’ve got a hallway with bags of the kids clothes that don’t fit. Sorted by size.

4pm ish. Not sure where I’ll be though Irvine 92612 areas probably. Where you coming from?

Well i was in sd but I’m in Long Beach currently. Im free all weekend. I may have to drive back up to sd to get a battery pack i wanted diagnosed and hopefully pick up that flipskydual i ordered. If not, I’ll be using a single 6374 frankenstiened shortboard for cicLAva

Anyways let me know what’s more convenient for you and I’ll work my schedule to fit yours

I’ll PM you

Resolved. @moderator please close