Don't buy the 120A FVT ESC

As the title says, don’t buy the 120A FVT ESC. It seems like a cheap option for sensored motors at around $70 shipped, but it’s utter garbage. Mine just blew up on me under litterally 0 load. Probably shoddy manufacturing, and others have reported that their quality is really hit-or-miss.

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Are you talking about this one?

Yes, sorry I didn’t include any pictures of it/mine. Mine smelt like crap after it blew so I threw it out right away :expressionless:

I’ve got a few and no problems do far. I’ll update if I get problems.

What voltage were you running them at? Sensored or sensorless?

Sensorless. 6s running Jacobs hubs so a pair of them. I’ve run one before at 6s with an alien motor, I forget the exact kv. something like 245?

I run mine at 5s so its pulling slightly more amps than a normal one. and it works just fine for me. Its even a used one i got from @barajabali

Hmm, mine seemed to run fine in sensorless, but interestingly had trouble in sensored mode. Seems like a lot of people had good luck with these ESCs

Thanks for your feedback. Sensored or sensorless?

sensorless, but i will probably make an adapter so i can plug my motor in.

I also have not had any problems running 6s sensorless. I bought mine from

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Just buy a vesc:

you prob connected the sensor wires and then didnt connect the phase wires correctly. you have to basically guess and check. with sensors it matters what order you put the phase wires in its not just anyway.

No I made sure I had the phase wires in the correct orientation. The motor did spin fine, it was when I applied a small amount of throttle that they burnt out.

Thanks for the link, 120CAD actually seems like a competitive price.

That is exactly my business moto for this site

Hah it’s a motto I can get behind! Where are you guys based in Canada? And what’s your strategy for selling so cheap?

Did the motor spin fine -by hand? Or when you applied throttle did it spin fine?

If the wires aren’t in the right orientation the motor will just kind of stutter and then if you apply more throttle the esc will burn

It spun fine by hand, and when I applied throttle.

We are a small startup in Nova Scotia, Canada. As you might know, companies usually sell there products for at least double what they purchase it for. We don’t do this. We don’t make as much money off the products, Which gives you a better price point. We figure that if a lot of people order from us because of this low price. We will make more money in the long run.