DON'T BUY the CoolRc 120a 6s car esc

I bought this car esc via ebay a long time ago.It has been sitting in my desk drawer waiting to be used, i wanted to make sure all the electronics worked and got a surprise. I made a short video, sorry for the shaky camera it eventually stops moving.I greatly appreciate all the help i can get.Thanks :wink: ! Here is the ebay link: And the video:

Well… i dont really got time now to go into details but i think it should have generated at least some form of response… maybe check have you paired the remote with receiver and all of that… (like if the led changes pattern on receiver)…

Otherwise… i had seen this sort of esc on ebay… :smiley: and was a bit sceptical about it, so maybe if you can, can you update the title with GoolRc or whatever the name is, so other people can later find your topic, if they also get to use the same esc?

The remote and reciever are paired 100%, i contacted the ebay seller and so far no response :rage:He just straight up told me he will not refund me.He doesnt want to deal with it !

Maybe I can meet you in direct and check it out… though as I said… I dont put very big promise on that exact car escs. Some car / heli / boat escs are better left alone :smiley: so next time just grab one which is more familiar in the community and have been reported to work okay!

I can sort of understand the desire to run your board with 20$ worth of or so - controller

I bought a remote from them to use for a skateboard lol. The stupid piece of garbage kept engaging the brakes randomly and almost there me off a couple of times :joy: don’t buy anything from coolrc for electric skateboards

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