Don't trust noname trucks

Hi guys😉 Today I had fail with my noname trucks. Way to work all was fine, some runs with 38km/h and mostly 25-30km/h. Then back home I just started to ride about 16km/h and hear that something drops on road, then I felt that my board feels a bit superloose on trucks, and I’m still riding. Than, yeah I saw what happened, kingpin of front truck was snapped. No fall or something, but there was traffic. I’m glad that nothing serious happened. Just day before I was racing in local park with 40km/h, downhills und uphills. Here is some pics:

Damn man! Glad you are OK and it failed pretty safely for you. It seems like everything held up correctly, so just replace the kingpin?

I wonder if the other truck’s kingpin shows any abnormal wear or shows warning of pre-failure?

Yeah tomorrow I’ ll try to buy new kingpin.

I’ll change it for other truck too. I don’t want to experiment and see if rear truck fail the same😉

This is actually very common. To prevent snapping a kingpin, you should always use Grade 8 kingpins. They will have the following marking on the head:

Take a look at your trucks and replace the kingpins if the don’t have these 6 hexagonal dashes. Your local hardware store should have them. Grade 5 bolts have three stripes. If your kingpins have no marking, they are the lowest quality and are prone to breaking

Snapping a kingpin is not fun, but I have never had a Grade 8 bolt fail on me


Thanx man!

This is very helpfull. Mine is lowest grade than.

I got you until you can find some more expensive ones you like. These are Grade 5 but i’m getting Grade 8s pretty soon. I want to have both since there is a price difference and the Grade 5s were available immediately.

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Holy shit. I have noname trucks but luckily I’ve upgraded my kingpins because of orangutans bushes… :confused:

Thanx LHB!

I just found 8th grade kingpin set at my local skateshop for 6 eur😊

Tomorrow I’ll be back on my ninja board😈

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those don’t even have grade markings. eeesh.

soft steel - could chew through that.

@jmasta, @sl33py and @longhairedboy :

6 EUR for life saving not too bad…:slight_smile:

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yeah $6 is about what i’m going to have to list mine for. Grade 5 is less expensive which is why i have them for $4.

I picked up replacement kingpins from my local hardware supplier 3" for 80p ($1.02) each! Grade 8.

Don’t go to a skate shop, go to a hardware warehouse.