Double barrel bushings dont fit

How come when i try to setup double barrel bushings on my cal2 clone trucks, they are too large and i am unable to screw in the nut onto the kingpin, since there isnt any thread left

Maybe you are using two large barrels? You should use two standard size barrels, they should fit!

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are these standard or large?

I got double barrel orangtang nipples and they just barely fit on my trucks, to get the nut on i had to push down on the hanger pretty hard to get it threaded, then from there used a skate tool.

wow. I just hour ago made same tuning with same barrels, only I have noname trucks. So can you please compare your barrels with bushings you had before. I mean size, and post a picture.

Sand one or both of them down a little bit

You may need to replace the kingpin bolts with longer ones. They are usually just press fit. Use grade 8 bolts to replace them.

3 Likes carries diff lengths that fits most kingpins :slight_smile: except SurfRodz


For the lazy :sunglasses:


@Bensaida: Clone trucks are always a crap shoot regarding byshing heights. Often they come with one height on top and another height on the bottom. Do you have the original bushings and if you do, can you tell me the height of them?

Replacing king pins can be extremely difficult and ruin your trucks depending on how they were assembled!