Double or single Kingpin

Hello to all DIY builders,

Simple question:

Double or single Kingpin and what´s your experience with it?

–> I am thinking about something like evolve double kingpin as I like to carve and crazy max speeds aren´t worh the risk.

What´s your opinion about this, why would you choose double or why would you choose single?

Best Greetings

i prefer single kingpin (“normal”) trucks as it is easier to tinker with their buhsings. also less slop coming from the bushings. i like my ride to be stable while going 45km/h or 28mp/h. i’m also used to semi-precision trucks on my normal board so something that feels predictable is what i like top have under my feet. i dewedged the back and wedged the front truck for extra stability while still maintaining that tight turning radius. i really enjoy this setup.


it all comes down to personal preference. so i’d suggest to try an evolve board out once and see how you like it. they’re quite unstable but oh so great for carving.

DKP can be made stable for high speeds, but it’s more suited for carving. It all depends on what is your riding style.