Doubts about battery charge

I have a 12s6p 15mah battery and I would like to know until which voltage it is advisable to stop and charge again. Thanks!

To stop charging or discharging?

Sorry, discharging


I guess it’s a LiIon pack not lipo, than 3.3 till 3V per cell is a good battery cut of voltage. In your case something between 40-36V.


It’s Lion. Thank you

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I didn’t no lion’s new how to use batteries? there even more dangerous than i thought.

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There, I fixed it for you.


and i fixed it for you :slight_smile: some say i purposely make spelling mistakes, some say i am just shit at English.

how ever, fact is that LiIon batteries can compair with Lions at the level of danger

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Yes, especially if they both get stabbed with knifes

just imagine 10x more for li-ion

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