Doubts about some components

Hello everyone, I am in a custom montain board with a single motor (expandable to 2 in the future) I usually travel on flat roads with little inclination but I want to get the maximum speed and torque, distance will be enough with 15 km. My weight is about 70 Kg, wheels are 8 " and I will use a focbox. I will surely buy everything in eskating but I have some doubts about the motor and the battery.

It would be enough with 10s3p (Samsung 30q)

Or better upgrade to 10s4p

This motor will give good torque?

Or better find for one with less Kv?

I also have doubts about which is the best remote of these two:

Thank you very much for helping me to make my configuration.

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What’s your gearing?

How fast you wanna ride? Maximum speed is different for everyone :wink:

For battery I wouldn’t go below 4p for MTB, the more p the better. I’m confused, do you want to top mount the enclosure or below the deck? Because you compare flat with square battery pack.

I have a dual drive of this motors on my trampa street carve. 11s4p HG2 battery pack and with a gearing 15:60 on 8inch wheels my max spead is around 50kmh with a good nice torque. After one of my VESC broke I tried a single set up, but don´t like it so much. Nice to cruse but for a offroad session I guess it will be a bit weak. Keep in mind that had some troubles in last time with a fire and now try to work out all backorders. So if you order there it can take a while. If it´s not a problem for you, I can just highly recommend them. Had only good experiences. About the remote…Look for mini remote on AliExpress. If it´s no problem for you to have a pistol trigger. They around 30€ and as far as I can say they work without any issues.

Thank you very much. I want to get at least 35 km / h on flat terrain, and 30 km / h on a vertical slope of 5 degrees. In the area where I live no more inclination. I 10s3p prefer slim battery because it will be installed under the deck. I also like that the total weight does not exceed 8 kg, so the configuration of a single motor