Doubts about what lipo´s to buy

Hello fellow builders,

i´m just about to finish my Trampa mountainboard build. this is my actual setup: Trampa board turnigy Sk3 192Kv motors hobbywing max6 esc´s (Vesc will come later)

want to buy 4s Lipo´s 5000mah my question is : what is the best C rating for riding in the woods/street since i´m planning to buy 4 lipo´s, to have 2 in series to make 8s and 2 in parallel to reach 10000mah. I have to options 25c or 40c

which is the best option to use in my setup? hope on some replies


The Hobbyking Graphenes are well liked. The red or green, either should work well. Try to catch them on sale, as the discounts can be rather large.

For the C rating, it’s not as important as the manufacturers all cheat on ratings. Reputation and review test results mean more. But in general more is always better, giving less voltage sag under high demand.

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Last comparison I saw showed the hobby king zippy packs showing well despite also being relatively cheap


they have a ‘cyber’ sale on right now too bad most of the high wh lipos sold out when i checked :frowning:

If you get 10s or 12s battery configuration, you’d draw less amps

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So the 40c will work better on my setup according to you!

I’ve had more luck with zippys ten Turnigy graphene batteries but YMMV.

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moar always bettah! Especially for eskate try to get the highest continuous C rating you can unless you have specific experience with a pack.

There seem to be batch to batch and customer to customer differences in results, but generally the HK graphenes have reviewed very very well, in voltage sag, temperatures, cycle life, durability-to-abuse over most other brands. But they’re bigger heavier and more expensive, and there’s a luck element with hobby lipos as to whether you get a bad one.

Those are custom made graphene-oxide lipos made by Zill Boards in Sydney :point_down:

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