Down for everyone else?

Down for everyone else or just me? My life had no meaning for a few minutes there.

502 Bad Gateway :cry:


You missed last night

:cry: but I couldn’t even connect to the server I was getting a bad gateway error. Strange, I was on until 2am last night and didn’t see it, must’ve been while I was eating or something

That looks like something out of beyond scared streight

:joy::joy: haha true

this website has outgrown its server plan again! so they are upgrading us to handle the traffic…


It’s all those polls lol


Yep, maybe you should’ve just kept that a secret. @onloop

Or in other word @Michaelinvegas group buy are to popular :wink:

Lol we tryin …it fucking group buy mania all of a sudden lol

Well, at this rate maybe we should group buy for group buy.

Lol a group buy for Tacos … I :heart:Tacos

haha… sound nice, maybe a complicated with the shipping…

I :heart: :taco:

Can’t ship anything anymore:

Yep, ship Taco… receive Burrito…

We don’t talk of these incidents. We’ve lost many great tacos to sh!**y burrito eaters.

All of this because government is controls by alien lizard…

TLM!!! Because TACOS LIVES MATTER :raised_hands::fist:

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That looks like the guys handling enertions outwards shipments hahaha. f*k this dude and his 1400% growth, I need to be home at 18:00

Good thing I missed that! Out of town and didn’t log in. I’m still not over the great crash of 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:

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