Downhill Assist Board

So I feel like the best part about esk8 is the brakes. When downhill longboarding breaking is not an option and I had the idea of an esk8 board and it’s main purpose is to roll smooth, fast, and provide a break at high speed.

So that’s the idea. A downhill board that provides breaks. Is it possible?

Maybe high KV hub motors with ceramic bearings with vesc?

Is this crazy?

Small a123 pack and some decent hubmotors should do the trick, you will need cells that can handle high regen current for stronger braking without damaging the cells

What hub motors?

I’d say carvon they aren’t hub motors but they have nearly the same resistance as hub motors which is to say minimal and they allow swappable wheels

So should I get custom carvon hubs? Like high KV hubs so they are within their max speed at like 40-50mph? Do they freewheel well?

They can freewheel and 149kv hubs which are their v2s is what you’d want sadly they are no longer made

You won’t need cells at all, or even a battery. It will be a one-of-a-kind build though. You will need a power resistor on a heatsink instead of a battery.

Edit: the controller will need a battery

I know a guy who makes a clip on hubmotors at the back of board. it’s for going up hill and detach it put in bag and down heal like normal board.

I guess it can use as braking system.

problem with this prototype is, getting enough contact of hub motor, but this resulted too much stress on motor and thane.

I think that could work a small remote with one button which connects the phase leads of the hub motor together. This would be very simple and not very expensive. It will free wheel and brake but you won’t actually be able to accelerate or anything it will essentially just be a skateboard with a brake

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This sounds exactly what I am looking to do! Downhill for beginners!

In fact you could even get rid of the controller and esc and all that and just have a wired remote that is one button. Although you can’t just connect the phases together, you need to connect them through a resistor on a heatsink, probably under the board or on the truck or something. That one will dissipate about 392 watts at 11 amps on a 36 volt load and costs $57.63.

The one thing that does not address, is that as soon as you hit the button it’ll prob throw you off because it won’t be a gradual application of brake… so…

Plus you’d have to see how many volts is coming out of the motor. You’re probably better off using an esc and a regular controller, but you will still need either a battery to store the energy or a power resistor to burn it off as heat

I’m thinking a vesc with a super small battery just to take the juice.

That sounds a bit dangerous if the batt gets full. You could make a really simple circuit that bleeds off extra juice though through a smaller and cheaper resistor at a much slower rate

Why just not mount some discs on the wheels?

Look at the big brain on Acido. Us in here totally overthinking this :smile:

Look at the big brains on this guy disc breaks, genuis

Have you not considered this?✓&term=Longboard+brakes

I assume the only problem would be the hydraulic pipes

I have run carvons v2 and in my opinion they didn’t free roll any better than my current belt drive using 9mm belts. The main concern I would have is the erpm limitation of the Vesc. If I’m not mistaken, you can exceed the erpm limit while coasting and blow the drv leaving you with no brakes. So you would have to keep your downhill speed within the erpm limit which a 14 pole motor is 8571 rpm Direct drive would be the best at keeping erpm low. According to my speed Calc, this looks doable.

Why not foot brake or coleman slide. I use electric for downhill assist but not for the brakes.

The question about overrunning the ERPM is a good one, you have to be carefull with that. One thing I do is keep my throttle fully engaged when hitting my top speed while going downhill. With the throttle engaged as you reach your top electrical speed you will feel the motors produce drag to keep the speed from increasing any further. If you let off the throttle the motors will free wheel and you could overrun the ERPM