Downhill decks with pockets

I’ve been looking for a deck for my next build, I love decks with pockets, they look like rockets, however I’m having a hard time finding a deck I really like.

My first deck was a Never Summer Reaper, really sweet shape and W concave, I loved it while it was with me until I sold it a couple of weeks ago.

So I decided check the new Never Summer line up and saw the 2017 Reaper.

They freaking changed the design for a plain board! Seriously Never Summer?, damn!

Then I found some this deck surfing online and I fell in love again.

Landyatchz Wolf Shark, W concave, 35.5" long, awesome graphics, I needed to have it:

But I got frustrated when I found out it was discontinued in 2014. The new 2017 model design wasn’t something I liked, maybe it still needs to grow on me:

Then I kept looking and found this one:

Arbor Highground, small foot pockets to lock your feet and sweet design:

Unfortunately Arbor discontinued the shape and came with something I didnt like for 2017:

All I can see is all longboard companies are changing their designs for worst or maybe I’m too old school and need to open my mind.

Hope you guys can give some suggestions to get my next build deck.


Wow they changes all the good shapes for more plain ones… What a shame and they got rid of some of those awsome graphics too :frowning:

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Yeah, WTH are they thinking?

Most likely the reason for all of the boring changes: Larger production levels from outsourced manufacturing plants.


I got the 2014 wolfshark because of the graphic and now I use it to practice my wood working lol

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Here another example:

Check this amazing Arbor Cypher 38" 2004:

Now check the plain 2017 model, only available in 35", pretty fat, not as sbelt and nicely shaped anymore, graphics are also gone:

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Why you didn’t use that deck? It’s awesome

Yeah board has the best one of the best graphics. It was one of my first boards, but doesn’t fit my riding style any longer of large wheels and lots of lean.

I like this post because those were all the decks that peaked my interested before buying the NS reaper 2016 last October. It was an agonizing choice.

I just now freaked out and went searching for a 2016 reaper to buy. Can’t find any! That plus the disappearance of authentic flywheels makes me sad putting miles on my board

Never ridden one, but I’ve heard good things about Nelson longboards on Silverfish:

Nelson longboards closed down last year. Lovely boards, but they’re gone now. =(

Damn, that sucks! Yeah, really nice looking boards =(


Icone Boards two examples:

Intercepter - drive one myself


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