Downhill for REAL

Lookin to fly on a ESK8! I want this with a little powered assistance… have yet to see a flying nerd. guess ill have to be the first.


Could you please expand on what the purpose and/or what the general discussion of this post is… and there are several motorized Mtb boards and riders in this forum that do very similar things.




Look man, I hate to be this guy… but as someone who spent weeks of reading before joining and months of planning before even posting… you seem to have put in ZERO effort to even understand what this forum is about or contains. You joined 1 hour ago and have 35min read time. Please spend more time reading and searching before making posts. As someone who had to sort thru all the pointless posts like this, its just frustrating… maybe im being harsh. But please help yourself and just read some… This place have pretty much everything you need to know, but YOU have to put in the work to learn… anywho, rant over. Best of luck, happy reading.


Cmon man, all he’s saying is that he wants to fly on a Mountain Board! Personally, I love this idea! Anyway, this video is the biggest I’ve seen anyone go on an Electric Mountain Board. I’d like to start hitting some massive jumps, let’s get this on Nitro Circus. Happy riding!


Dont we all want to😄, it just doesnt happen though. You gotta put in the time to understand what you need to make that happen… a little more research and reading is all im asking for😂


Ha! I was at the snowmass event in the video.


I hear ya man, just keep in mind, a lot of people that are new to this are totally in awe of what most of us have learned to do. Some people don’t know where to start and in 10 years most of us who are here regularly and constantly are going to be gurus. I mean look at @longhairedboy, @hummie, @sender, @mmaner and so many I didn’t list have never once told me to figure it out alone. This forum is for those that are in awe, inspired, or motivated by this amazing hobby/sport/way of life. Be kind my friend, always allow knowledge to flow. This guy joined because he sees something he wants to love! Let’s hype him up, not tear him down. NTM this is the general discussion thread, there’s plenty of other places he could’ve posted this erroneously, like the build thread.


Well said, also…the video is sick!


Thanks man! It is so sic! It’s not me but will be soon. The video is @amecces


I was totally new and in awe and didnt know where to start… so i read and searched. Not just here but everywhere on the internet. I wasnt saying he should do anything alone at all. Just use the knowledge thats already posted… its here and he can make anything he wants happen…if hes willing to work for it. Sorry if my post seemed bashing,(not my intent) It just seems so many people want results with little work… I lost my cool, and valid point it is gen topic. Sorry fellas so off topic and OP. That said, Idk if flips with an EMTB is plausible, I mean all that extra weight makes it really hard to manipulate the board. Definitely could get good air time tho. Fly high!


Very well said :fist_right:t2::metal:t3:

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Look man, I hate to be this guy…

Too late! Go be a cunt somewhere else broheim. Dude is excited to get going and do something new, stop hating on him.

@DeepSeaSwan Don’t let the pricks get you down, they do not speak for all of us. If you can’t find the info you need please feel free to post up a question!


I thought we over that. @J95hicks apologized and you hit on him… well done @chaka :+1::roll_eyes:


Nah man he acted like a tool and tried to use his limited experience to lord over him, apologizing does not make it OK. I hope more of the core group of builders stands up for the new guys when someone acts like a snob.


Eh, I was being a little cunty. No skin off my back… guess im not the only one easily upset😅


I’m not upset but I want people to know they can come around and be excited about getting into the “sport” and learn to build. I can’t stand when peeps put the new guy on blast.


I thought we are a community where people can make mistakes…you not better than @J95hicks in his first comment with shitting on his mistake. He as min apologized, you not! @J95hicks is a member like the OP…so as community we should be correct to all members…


This type of toxic behavior towards the new guys has become normalized around here and it needs to stop, best way to end it is with quick and firm recourse.

Nothing new to me, I moved around a lot as a kid and had to change schools often. My brother and I were always the biggest kids in our grades and raised to not look the other way when other kids were being bullied so we had a tendency to regulate on the bullies within the first week. The principals loved us!

@J95hicks please don’t feel like I am building any grudge against you, if you ever met me in person I would probably buy you beer and have a laugh about the online antics.


@Jaeson found very good words @J95hicks understood his mistake and apologized. Thing is done and good. Your comment was unnecessary. You preach from being kind to new members, than be kind to regular members as well. Being a good example makes more sense than to speak up loud but being not a tick better with it…