Drained 10s4p need help!

So my battery drained down to 2.5 volts over the winter storage. I thought I left it on the charger, but somehow it did not stay charged and actually drained down.

So now I can’t charge it directly from the charging port on my board. I am able to charge it going directly to the XT battery connector but that only gets me to about 29 volts and my charger stops charging. My guess is it sees no current flow and the light turns green.

Anything I can do to try to salvage or save this battery?

Is the battery totally ruined?


If its 2.5v or 25v, you will have to low power charge the batteries at 50mA or 100mA until they go back to 30v (3v)

Make sure to check all cells and make sure none of them are anywhere below 2.5v before charging. Anything lower than 2v, there’s no saving that battery. At least with 2.5, you can low charge it.

My recommendation is to get a new one due to the chemical changes that comes with very low voltage batteries.

So I measured each cell at the BMS and found 4 of the 10 cells at 0 volts. The other 6 all have 4.6 volts. Looks like those cells are bad. Is there an easy way to replace the bad cells or anyone that does this?

I’m in the Atlanta area but also willing to ship.

4.6v? I think that’s way overcharged.

Probably a typo. If not, they’re done.

Those 0v batteries will have to be removed from the welded nickel strip its on. There’s no saving those.

Unfortunately, I do not know myself on the shipping or who can help at your location.

Ok its going to get recycled and I’ll be buying a new one.

Good. Saved yourself a fire hazard.