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Been talking to Onloop about the raptor.

I think it would work on this model, and W concave would help save a bit of strength on this doobie mold. Tried seeing how close I can get the battery to line up the truck mounts. The raptor design would be great to make a board for with less or no drop in the mold.

Here you can see it with the Battery tray on the board.
image An here without.
image This model doesn’t show any w concave, because I don’t model that in CAD together with the board, but it would give us back some wood for support. This deck would need to be 12 plies thick. Roughly .75" thick or 19mm. We’ll see how that does, probably at least on 1 set up. There might be some other molds which would work just as well or better than this one.

There is about 3/16" between the top of the raptor riser, and the mounting base for the deck, so between the .31" raptor riser, this would have 1/2 inch of 12.7mm of total truck rise. I guess 90 or 100mm wheels would be chill on this setup. I am thinking of maybe making the deck with a longer tail, maybe 8".


I think I’ll carve only the areas that need to be carved on the Raptor.

I’m excited about the possibilities we have to make decks which can work for retrofitting onto other kits. I can’t wait to do a boosted mod deck, as well as this one for the Enertion Raptor 2 set up.

I also want to make a set up that will be able to have a custom longitudinally aligned batteries which are buried deep into the deck along the concave.

I am completely obsessed right now. Sad to say but I have to do more actual work.


That raptor 2 deck looks awesome. If he asks you to put a handle on it tell him no.


:rofl: im telling him you said that.


You can show him this too if you like.

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I have been working with Inloop to dial this model to see how well it would work on the raptor set up. Maybe I won’t be the only one who wants to do this with the raptor. All sentiment aside, kicktails are really an important part of life.


Yes… I always feel more locked in with that back tail


So here’s a sketch. This would be my ideal concave and deck configuration. This is a set up which is 15 batteries across. Batteries take up about 2.5" length, so in order to get 75 batteries, it would need to be about 15" long + or -. I imagine we could get more batteries in there though. The strips can be made to accept a bit of flex too, and maybe with composites, we can cut the deck thickness down a ply.



I feel like making something that form fitted for the batteries might make it difficult to have battery packs made.


Here are 110 batteries inside of 19". I suppose that might leave enough room for ESC n stuff… ?



That’s a lot of cells. Personally if I was going over 60 cells I’d be going into double stack configuration. With 110 you’re looking at a really heavy board for a short long board.

I think it would be beneficial to get some insight from some experienced battery builders.

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Care to chime in?


Why are you making it complicated? Just make a flat milled out space

As the concave I like isn’t flat on the bottom it doesn’t seem like it makes as much sense.

The only problem with that is you’re creating the need for a specialty battery. Flat packs are pretty standard and can be bought from a multitude of battery builders and suppliers. With this setup someone will have to order a drangboards configuration battery custom.


I think if you were designing a board that came with a battery like a prebuilt, this design would be amazing. But it complicates things for the DIY Market a bit.



Just want this with a deeper enclosure space


What is that?

Jet spud but milled out space. Made by @whitepony

Apply the same thing on this deck!!! 9b427d4a9f5f89435824fa7ce6350fe45b4ae4bf_1_690x343