Drang Boards deck building services, design, cnc etc

Time line events I’d say are one of these next few days I finish figuring out how to fixture Adams deck to the cnc table I’ll route it and we’ll see what happens with it. It is 8 plies only and we’re going in a few plies

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I think hes focused more on skinning enclosures rather than making them from scratch.


If it works will there be potential for buying the same deck? Any idea what battery he’s shooting for?

I am also interested in the Dasher or a short version of the Dune, which I think look pretty awesome

Yes we can press another one and cut it out in a different shape too.

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This one is the 38 dendron. image here are our hand shaping templates and random keepsakes. image the Beggars Supply co Luci v1 proto image Ozan NK 8 ply radial concave only with many wheel bases. image Dystopia with I think dirigible 38 shape Beggars Luci (this is the doobie mood seen above with full lenticular w concave image Beggars torso also doobie mold but rear only w concave image Beggars rib cage or bust or thorax also doobie mold with rear w concave. image drang drill sergeant with radial concave and 25-26.5” wb image dystopia dirigible again. image image the drill sergeant is this one here image adam0311 dasher. This is the deck Adam has bought three of and we’re cutting a flat relief into to. I look forward to learning what I can about this config. image image Www.dhboards.com alchemist. 26.6 wb mild rocker mild drop mellow radial cave. Legit tail.

Some of these captions are in the wrong places and I might have broke some links but I’m on my cell phone so it’s gonna stay unchanged till tomorrow at least.


Thet last deck with a fatter tail… mmmmm yeah

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Love that last deck shape

Those are available right now at www.dhboards.com in graphic printed format. We also have a black and white version partially pictured above which we finished and Dylan will be putting on his website soon if not already. If you want to see what this deck can do at speed check out this video and all the dhboards YouTube channel. And this video specifically. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2tF6W4WPHXU


Man, @bigben, it is flattering you think I could take that on! I really appreciate the vote of confidence from someone as skilled as yourself!

I am not really set up for it though (I wish ai was!)

And, like @Skunk said, I am loving the skinning stuff right now. I feel like I have found a fun niche to occupy for now!


Is there an undesirable e skate deck here? This is under 5 percent of the boards we are fully programmed to make.

Shows us your 5 percent lolz?

Yeah, after a while in the forest, one tends to forget the way out. Lemme see if I can dig up some other board deas… We should have a pinterest.

To the person who mentioned finding out photobucket, that is awesome. I haven’t even looked at that in years. We do have pictures of much of what we build.

Another brand we build for is F.S.Boards. They make awesome boards which would be very good for eboards as well. Particularly the Montauk Monster.


I want to empower the DIY guys too, allthough it would be sad to cover up his graphics.


This next one is a DH board we make for James Webster, he really loves it, and I think it would make a great e board too. 27266950_10211434518921051_92750534_o


I spent a good two hours in there Sooo many sexy decks

PNG dendron%20dharma 2017%20Dharma%20combo%20shot 2017%20Dodger 2017%20Dageville 2017%20Dagnab%20combo%20shot up%20and%20comers dancer concept%20dasher%20mold%20srf 2017%20Destroyer%20comboshot Slalom%20capture%20new 2017%2080%20sym%20multishot allshapes dune%20123 anders 2016%20Deepend%20production doobieotherpic CAM00190 CAM00196


9b427d4a9f5f89435824fa7ce6350fe45b4ae4bf_1_690x343 a422529736377a4e5c2429f97ab54802c942f260_1_666x500 yaaas queen


I’d LOVE making a slalom board with motors dude!!! Rear trucks being at near zero would probably make for a nice thrust. Ton’s of risers are common place on slalom boards, so good ride height could clear some big motors and wheels. Or maybe it has hub drive wheels.

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I really like both of those. I’d like a bit more kicktail but everything else looks great.

Yes, I agree. The next itteration of this deck will certainly have a longer kick. I can’t get over powered tail dragging and braking.

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Plus when you have a 15 lb skateboard it’s nice to not have to bend all the way over to pick it up lol

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