Drang Boards deck building services, design, cnc etc

That’s a lot of cells. Personally if I was going over 60 cells I’d be going into double stack configuration. With 110 you’re looking at a really heavy board for a short long board.

I think it would be beneficial to get some insight from some experienced battery builders.

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Care to chime in?


Why are you making it complicated? Just make a flat milled out space

As the concave I like isn’t flat on the bottom it doesn’t seem like it makes as much sense.

The only problem with that is you’re creating the need for a specialty battery. Flat packs are pretty standard and can be bought from a multitude of battery builders and suppliers. With this setup someone will have to order a drangboards configuration battery custom.


I think if you were designing a board that came with a battery like a prebuilt, this design would be amazing. But it complicates things for the DIY Market a bit.



Just want this with a deeper enclosure space


What is that?

Jet spud but milled out space. Made by @whitepony

Apply the same thing on this deck!!! 9b427d4a9f5f89435824fa7ce6350fe45b4ae4bf_1_690x343


spud_freeboard_48 spud_freeboard_46 spud_freeboard_49 spud_freeboard_9 spud_freeboard_8 spud_freeboard_6 spud_freeboard_5 spud_freeboard_33 spud_freeboard_4 spud_freeboard_3 spud_freeboard_2 spud_freeboard_1


With a bit more kicktail.

That really would be something.


That is a gorgeous sanding job and the board looks awesome. It’s sad when the kick isn’t there anymore but none the less awesome job on the structure! I have a big metal frame I’m making into a vacuum table allowing for wrap and double sided laminations in one step.


So will you do what he did

I’d like to do it all. First thing first is an 18”wb deck being cut for a diy enclosure. It is going to be a monster truck with mountain board trucks mounted on the bottom 14” apart. :slight_smile:

Let’s figure out the best thing for diy right now. Can I make a pole? Was it mentioned before already? Size length width ect? Millimeters don’t auto save in my head.

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Should we start a fresh thread? Multiple polls. 1)length 2)WB 3)nose shape 4)tail shape 5)width

I personally would like something that fits a 12s4p flat-pack minimum.

It might make it easier if it was multiple choice.

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image image image image


image image The board here with the carbon fiber is an 8 ply with carbon top and bottom and a layer of fiberglass in the middle. I’m gonna route for the above battery box. The trucks will be mounted so that the kicks are somewhat functional and as much riser is needed will be used along with wedging and a real thick tail protector maybe up to 1” thick UHMW

It’s a good-looking deck that’s for sure. I kind of like stuff that has the trucks mounted as far towards on the nose as possible for maximum wheelbase for the battery. But that front nose concave is great for getting that locked in feeling.

Have you got more pictures of the deck

Starting a poll is a good idea! I would suggest starting several polls for different purpose Decks. Everyone here has different use cases and preferences.

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