Dream Builds. What cool sh*t do you wanna build?

That is a good point. I can’t imagine anyone jumping on any of my boards without any experience. Boosted are actually cool for entry level be honest. I’ve been ragging on them for years and rode one for the first time 2 days ago. (please don’t judge me too harshly) It was fun. Yes I said it fun. Going for a lie down.


Some warm milk will help.


That deck is the absolute bomb imo. Slow as balls though. They could do a small speed increase tbh.

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A perpetuum mobile. Or a electronic system that gets the power out of air (celltowers etc) - getting rid of batteries. A board thats made to ride on the highway - long distances

I hate to be that guy, but I don’t think we’ll see wireless power to vehicles until it’s built into the infrastructure. There’s nowhere near enough energy potential carried in that type of radio. And given how many god damned potholes there are where I live, I’m guessing my great grand children might benefit from that technology at this point.

Now with that said, I think advances of energy storage technologies are going to make a lot of the concept of wireless power not worth the infrastructure investment. The sun is a much more powerful & plentiful source of radiation than anything we’re emitting into the environment. And even still, something like solar on vehicles doesn’t work as you’d never have enough space collect enough to justify the cost/weight- it always will make more sense to charge based on a renewable source

A good example I use at the day job is that when it rains, you’ve got options on getting water to drink. You could potentially run through the rain with your mouth open (radio/solar charging of vehicles), or you could setup rain collectors that store the water for usage over time, in whatever storage container you choose (stationary solar panel array feeding into a battery/charger).

I live in the PNW and pay about $0.06/kWh for local renewable energy. I’m already at the point where I can ride hundreds of miles a month and pay pennies for my commute.

… I might be a little stoned.


I want whatever you’re smoking


Didn’t mean it that way. I meant that the board only needs some micro amperes to get powered and that this power could be delivered via radio rays or summer heat Wait a sec… If the board only needs 0.00x mA we can just use some batteries and drive till we die

i was dreaming of an electric skim board yesterday, sounds like a great way to break a neck :joy:


I was just trying to envision this the other day. It would be like wakeboarding but not needing a boat. I’m keeping an eye on that waterproof motor and remote.

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Something like this?:

Pricey AF!


Exactly like that in the fact!

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Dreams don’t have to be realistic, right?

The dream would be as lightweight as possible, sealed drivetrain, a shitload of torque, and durable. I’m wanting something that you can do grinds and ollies and jumps go practically anywhere.

I’ve already got a Kaly/Trampa build and I love it, but it’s not lightweight enough for what I dream of.

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Oh yeah. Thing is we build skateboards and the guys selling them have trouble going over $2000 for a retail cost. These guys with a similar electrical set up can sell for 15000. Water craft see? Jetskis are expensive and the market is already up there. Better business tbh.

In the unobtainium dreams I want Jim Hawkins’ flying board powered by solar energy from Treasure planet, and Channing Tatum’s Flying skates from Jupiter Ascending…

In the achievable one, I’m a simple man. I want my fucking e-skates to be finished already!

Damn bitch ass CNC / forged parts and arduino shit are giving both me and wallet a heartache (headache is overrated).

Edit : Here are the unobtainium 1 & 2.



A mini dinghy with rollers on the inside that the esk8 wheels sit on which transfer the turning motion to external paddle wheels

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4wd dual focboxes powering a go-cart strapped with waterproof motors and some off-road wheels. Basically an electric ATV.


Soon%20_ec304389b066a1f62c4f0df82576f96f LOL but still awesome


I’ll race you anyday with my boots haha :beers:

Not a “dream” build but I really want to build a freeboard, from scratch. Im sure it’s easy but I find myself wanting to do one quite badly


Whats this?