Dremel Grooves Question

I’m currently dremeling out some grooves for the wires and was wondering what I should fill the empty space with? Epoxy? Wood filler? Silicone? Resin? Or is some tape sufficient? I don’t want to see anything under the grip tape.



Epoxy, then sand. Use hot glue and painters tape to make a dam, it pulls away easy.

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Definitely epoxy resin if you want it to last the longest. Be careful using hot glue with epoxi, some of them get really hot while they cure and will melt the glue, leading to a huge mess and more crap to sand.


Do you have an amazon link to the resign you would recommend? It’s going on a flex 3 vanguard so it needs to be able to flex :slight_smile:

Nah, sorry I don’t. I buy resin by the gallon at a local surfboard shop. I can’t remember the brand off the top of my head. But if you search for Flexible Epoxy resin you should find plenty of options. You can’t really go wrong on resin unless it’s cheapo stuff or specifically made for a certain application.

Just a little off topic but in the same line. What do you guys used to fill holes. I keep changing my mind about my enclosures and I am OCD about extra holes on my board.