Drifting board?

I had this idea of putting PVC pipe over my wheels to make my esk8 drift on flat ground and get squirrely.

I got this idea from drift trikes but current problem is that my the PVC got destroyed quickly.

But I think the problem is I am using 90mm wheel with PVC which becomes 100mm. I have dual 6355 motors so plenty power but seems like I still need to use smaller wheels are it’s hard to brake traction when going forward.

I am gonna try putting some smaller kegel 80mm with 83a durometer on either dual 5065, 6355, or 6374 with 44T pulley for maximum torque.

Has anyone tried something like this? Any help appreciated.


Hay I love this idea I enjoy drifting around. Hmm maybe just try soaking the ground with water PU gets really slippery then. Also the smaller wheels are a good idea to slide around try to go for a hard duro the purple ones are slide easier.


Yeah although this PVC failed I ordered some new urethane resin to make around 100a durometer wheels.

I think drifting is possible with a custom wheel so if it works I will let you know! It’s gonna be effing awesome if u could drift at low speeds.

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Awesome if it succeeds I would love to try a pair.

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Not sure you’ll ever be able to do a consistent controlled drift without countersteering but looks fun.


I will find out for ya! :grin:

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How would those work on your hub motors though?

Oh @Itsmedant I have belt drives too. I was just using the hubs for fun.

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