Drilling through plywood deck

I’m surprised no one has asked this question yet, maybe because it had a simple answer heh. I’m just wondering is it safe to drill through a plywood deck? I have 10 holes on my deck 3 on each side of the length dimension, and 2 of each side of the width dimension but I’m planning on drilling more, however I don’t know the consequences, that’s if there’s any.

We all drill holes in our decks to mount enclosures and components. I’ve never heard of a problem with this. Is there something specific you are concerned about?

Drill smaller holes rather then larger and your fine (like 5mm or less). Assuming your talking about a normal board and not real plywood. I would never recommend you make a board from plywood, way too weak.

You see those 8 holes in your deck for your trucks? Yeah those were drilled.


Use a sharp bit and use no pressure at all when almost through

And maybe drill some practice holes in the dining table first. :wink:

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Typically you’ll get some blowout on the exit side. If it matters, this can be prevented by clamping another piece of wood where the exit hole will be.


I just drill with small 2mm bit to have a “guide”, then drill halfway from the top side, and halfway from the other :slight_smile:

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Thanks allot guys