Drive hub not centred to wheel

Hey Guys,

Ive tried to use my orangatang kegal wheels for my build. Ive got enertions drive hub but as that is specifically for enertions wheels the screws dont line up with the kegals.

After drilling out the pre-existing holes so that I can mount the drive hub, it has ended up not being perfectly centred and when the wheel rotates it looks like it is wobbling.

Will this cause big issues when I hook it up to the motors?

Thanks in advance for some help :slight_smile:

It will most propably end up causing trouble after a while, some of the more senior members here could propably explain in detail what could go wrong.

But in general, anything that spins should not wobble, it’ll cause unwanted stress on your parts and eventually break something. And possibly streeting your face, which is bad.

The enertion pulley is made to fit Abec Flywheels, so i’d suggest getting a set of those.

Yes, pulley wobble isn’t something you want on an eboard…

You will go through belts like wildfire!

A set of flywheel clones can be found really cheap, so I’d suggest going that route:

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yeah i use clones too. And you can even order them from amazon bundled with Bones Reds, which is how i usually buy them.

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if the gear is not centered on the hub the wobble will cause a tight spot and a loose spot every rotation, this can cause belts to slip, or at worst even bend or snap a motor shaft.

Any way to make sure they are centered?