Drive wheel pulley with bearing options

I found only two options for these kind of pulley, Enertion and Evolve.

Are there any other brands that work with these design currently available in USA?

sure, I designed some :slight_smile: and ship worldwide.

32T/15mm AL7075 black anodized.

Do you have the drive pulley for Abec 11 wheels?

I don’t want to use the ring and bolts through the Wheels setup, I’d like to use the same design of Evolve or Enertion

sure; it will look ultra sleek ! it’s in pre order as these cost a LOT to produce in small quantities . They are monobloc AL7075.


So is there any new pulleys out there that use bearings that people have come acros? Going thro old and older threads trying to fined some more options not finding much so time to ask.

#Okp Unik don’t have Abec11 any more.

#Enloop Enertion seem to only sell VESC or RTR boards.

Evolve are plastics with out bearings now.

Which kind of trucks are you using ?

#riverside.rider I got some E caliber on the way so should have the space for a extra bearing in the pully on the next build.

@Kug3lis, @e.board_solutions, @JLabs, Metroboard, Evolve and @thisguyhere may still have some old enertion ones


3D Servisis been soled out of most things for some time. Ordered a heat sink from them but turned up with defects.

Build a board also out of stock of Abeck 11

This guy I though only did battery’s will go look at that one thanks for the idea E board solutions I not come acros yet another one for me to check out thanks for the leads #b264

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Build kit boards modular pullies


We have them for kegel and flywheels, with our without bearing :slight_smile:

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