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Drivecalc software data

Is there published data on the R-Spec motors that can be used in the Drive Calc application (

it says I have a reply to this post but I can’t see one.

without a propeller size you’re guessing
you wont find the vesc there either I think.

you could just find a similar sized/weight motor and likely get some results. I wouldn’t trust any written data about the r-spec though and you’re probably best weighing it yourself and solely using that and it’s dimensions and kv to go with for comparison to other motors on there

You can put in motor data and ignore the ESC and propeller data. It will give you performance curves for the motor. I am surprised that there is no detailed data on the R-Spec considering the premium that is charged for it.

its best to enjoy the premium feelings that come with the r-spec motor at it’s stated abilities and not question them or you will become disappointed. Premium is a feeling not a number.

OK. So it’s 190kv and max 44V. So n.max = 8360rpm? Pmax = 3200W so current at Pmax = 90A approx? At what speed? What is the maximum current it can take for different periods?