Drivetrain Swap

I’m swapping out the trucks, motors and wheels on my board. Stock Black Onsra Carve, 1st gen with a DV6 Pro.

Trying to install: Surfrodz RKP 200mm w/ 10mm axles Torqueboards 6355 190KV MBS Rockstar Pro II Alum Hub + MBS 72T wheel pulley + ?tires?

There’s 50mm of space available on the axle. More than enough for the 38.2mm inner core depth of the hub. Will I need anything special to get these hubs to fit properly on the trucks with the motors?

Is there a good 10mm axle spacer pack anywhere? :joy:

I’d really like to use a flat profile, wide tire on these hubs. Is there a list anywhere of what tires will fit on these hubs? Like some 6x2"'s or something…

As long as the bearings fit on 10mm axles, not really. For spacers though, you can try trampa or DYI, which would be just buying an metal pipe and cutting the spacing size you need.

It says you can use any 6 - 7 inch tires from other companies for them. And MBS tires if you’re going 8inch. So that’s a good thing I guess.

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Do you know of any “street” type pneumatic tires that would fit on these hubs? The psychotiller sixshooters always seems to have these low profile pneumie tires on them. Something like this.

I would try trampa wheels tbh. I don’t remember a lot of sites.

Its been a while.

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