Driving The Boards On An Airfield (Tempelhof, Berlin)

So we visited Berlin a few months ago. Guess what? In Berlin they have an airfield within the city that is open for the public. We couldn’t have missed this opportunity and decided to go for a ride.

Here’s how it went.

If there are any electric skateboarders in Berlin who want to share a ride with us in Tempelhof, we are all in for it.

Anybody else had the chance to do crazy stuff there? Please share video/photos!

Sorry but with all the recent technology available you still basically use the ugliest board I have ever seen. That box at the end? Are you seriously thinking that you can convince people that this is “awesome”?

We want to make Urban Transportation Intelligent, Personalized and simply Awesome.

Easy there, captain. There are more polite ways to tell somebody their product is crap in your opinion.

Although these are kind of strange. Its less of a skateboard/longboard at this point and more of a board-like PEV. It is definitely a very different take on the scene. I’ve enjoyed watching their progress though.


Hey! Thanks for reaching out.

It is our mission to achieve that. There are many things we need to improve and design/looks are one of those. For me right now, performance and features are more important. But I get your point. I see you are from Germany, wanna meet up for a drag race?


Bring it to Florida. I’d love to show Faraday some sunny hospitality. There are bike trails here that will make you want to move your base of operations.

He he. Sounds really cool. There are a few of our boards in the US, not in Florida as far as I know though. But I will keep it in mind. Cheers!

Just commented on looks - product wise no idea if they are good.But they use a VESC so how bad can it be? Did not want to say it is crap. They should just put their technology in a different housing :wink:

@ccostel: would like that - but I am from the south of Germany and to Berlin it is quite far.

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