Drok 42v display burned?

Hey i have a display from drok from amazon … (cant find the link right now ). Today during my ride i hit something on the road and my vesc power cable got disconnected… ( probably was weak from the vibrations i need to find a better way to keep it locked in place still working on that)

When i looked at my battery indicator i saw it like this . 888

It was like this all the way to home but sometimes it showed 0%… when i got home i looked at it and was burning hot … And i kinda dead no idea what to do with it… if i look from a side it shows the voltage but from the front it looks like in picture.

Any idea why this happened? so i know how to fix it and dont have this problem again? Thank you.

Can you take a pic of the PCB ?

The chip looks odd to me and cant tell if is from the glue or is burned … also all the right part was burning hot

After burn 3 of them ( differents) I’m giving up on this, I just check the app from ackmaniac which is awesome btw.

Do you have any loose wires inside your enclosure? The first one of these I bought, my 2.1/5mm DC charge port touched something on the back and blew it as I was installing the battery. They really should come with some insulation tape over the PCB, that’s what I’ve done now with my new one…

That’s an Ly6 Volt Meter, Belway makes them. A Drok LY5 prolly wouldn’t have broken on you. I’ve bought a few of these and always end up having problems. Get the Drok DC8-63V and you will never have a problem again.


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ok i will try thank you for suggestion .

@darkkevind no lose wire exept the power from the vesc wich i have no idea how it got disconnected… and it was protected on the back side too … i can only assume when it got disconnected some spike from the battery went to the display ??

i want to try that couldnt decide wich bluetooth module to get tho …

I have also been using the Drok DC8-63V on all my builds and it has been very reliable although I did have one go bad on me when I ran through a water puddle and some water splashed on top of it and got inside it. Other than that no problems. This model also allows you to switch between percentage and voltage display.


I burned two units by having the two leads too far apart from each other (electrically). Once i put them next to each other i have been good since.

So is considered far if i have it right on output from bms and on the loop key?

thanks @Namasaki I always thought the battery% displays that didn’t align with the actual battery capacity remaining to be contrived at best. But a straight up V display is on the money, i’d consider it anyway :wink:

There is a small mod required to unlock this feature (http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/diy-battery-pack-using-basen-26650-hi-drain-li-ion-cells/4973/324):