Drop deck for an electric board setup?

Hey all,

Anyone have experience building a street setup on a drop deck? Are there any general rules about clearance between the battery pack and the ground? I have a Kebbek Jim Z.


Hub motor solution or put the motor off the back

yeah motors at the back like Evolve GT

Is the problem really the motors? I was more concerned about the batteries being so close to the ground. I was planning on using the Pro4

It’s because the angle of the mount…it will hit the board unless you put risers

This is a Yocaher punk’D drop deck with like 1 1/2 risers…rides great but it’s a little high

Sorry abt the best pictures I have


One thing i had been thinking about, and i might do it with my deck so i can get lower, is to put the batteries on top of the board in the middle. Kind of like some of the mountain board builds i have seen. Since your feet are at the ends of the board i don’t think it would be in the way.

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WOW that’s super high! I don’t think I’ve ever seen 1.5" risers.

I’ve done a couple. My current deck is Landyahtz Switchblade top mounted. Couldn’t get the motor clearance with the drop-thru. I have 2.25" of clearance and ride over pretty poor condition streets and sidewalks with no issues. I had another board that had just under 1.75" of clearance with a drop-thru mounted trucks and a rear motor. I had a few minor issues with the battery case hitting ground, but the deck also had a little more flex. It mainly hit if I jumped hard on the board, but even then, it barely scraped. If your board is stiff and the streets you ride on are fairly smooth, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just watch out for driveways and ramps that have a taller lip. If your battery case doesn’t hit ground when you jump on your deck or do hard turns, you should be okay.

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The space cell pro 4 is slim and has a protective case, you should be fine as long as your double-drop isn’t flexy as hell.

But yeah, you’re gonna want to pair it with hub motors or a rear motor mount.

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Lol yeah that’s why you have to use a few different kinds…

Hubmotor are best, if u slim down a lipo pack…then you are solid…especially if you get a stiffer deck…

I’m working on building a drop deck with 97mm wheels, and minimal spacers, and so far, clearance doesn’t look too bad. You could also run 107mm wheels, or better yet Jacob’s 4wd 107mm hubs! Personally, I’d go with Psychotiller’s 6" pneumatics if I could.

I know, right? what’s the point of a drop board if you put risers on it?

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this, and sorry for hijacking the thread a bit, but I’m planning a build on a 41.5" Landyachtz Switch which is obviously dropped too, and was thinking of mounting the battery, VESC etc on top in between my feet (I’m 6’2" and the board is pretty long) and reverse-mounting the motors at the back rather than have them face underneath the board. Surely this would make a dropped board viable for an e-build, right?

U could. Think that board has a bit of a raise right in the center and maybe u could stick them under there though. Be a shame on top. Nice board

Get the right mounts. Or make mounts that allow infinite adjustment and you wont need risers. Risers on a drop deck is an oxymoron…No!

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Get @psychotiller pneumatic wheels, and clearance should be a non-issue! Not sure if it works with with that particular drop deck though.

I’ve got a drop deck too which I really want to make awesome for commuting. It’s an eBay buy, looks like a Moose but not sure. If it works will buy a better deck.

So, sounds like these are the ideas:

  • bigger wheels (97 or 107)
  • maybe wider trucks for the 107’s
  • motor out back
  • slim Lipo battery
  • slim ESC box

And that should do it… ?

I currently run a drop through deck without any issues I know it’s slightly different deck but it works. I run 3x2s batteries to keep it this as I can and motor over the back but yet to come across any ground clearance issues. But if you can do it would suggest making own battery and using single lipo and would then be super thin. This is mine so far. Using 90mm wheels

I really want to make drop through work for me, but I wouldn’t be able to handle the wheelbite for my purposes. I think going hub is a headache free solution to this.

Here’s a million drop deck pics. I really like to get dropped and then some. What’s the green battery compartment made of? I ask because I’ve been doing a similar thing with either just velcromand more recently just polyurethane. Sticks great but have destroyed many cells. Was told they were fragile but didn’t believe

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