Drop in the plug

Hi everybody, i was riding when it started raining, i stopped immediatly. but apparently a drop of water got into the plug of the space cell pro 4 plug. i noticed when, once at home, i plugged in the charger; it sparked, i pulled the plug. I tried again a couple hours later, but it wasn’t charging. what might be broken? the power supply? the bms? the plug? how can i check? any help is appreciated =)

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Open up your board and check all the wires are insulated and nothing is wet and then check all wires from charging port to BMS and see if u can see anything that can be a problem.

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It could also be a faulty charger too

If there was a spark, something shorted. Its as simple as that, and assuming the spark came from the plug and you didn’t say your breakers popped then unfortunately you no longer have a working battery pack.

How did you come to that conclusion? If the fuse didn’t blow then the short was not from the battery.

@Davideariel how loud was the pop? Was the spark big? Will the board turn on? And pictures will help a lot

The board does turn on and it shows the correct battery percentage, I checked the wires and they seem to be fine only the plug on the battery pack seems fried, but other than that everything seems fine, the motors spin and everything works, but it doesn’t charge. I don’t know if I have to change the plugs or get another BMS or buy another charger…

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What sparked? Open your enclosure and check thoroughly, usually you can see the burn marks

Edit: ok just read your reply. Usually the charger has a fuse inside methinks. Could also be blown

The only burn marks are one the plug, the one on the battery, everything else seems ok and not burnt.

pics pls 10char

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You may just have to replace the charging port and if there is a burn mark on the battery connector but it still works then I think that’s fine. I mean if it just doesn’t charge and there are no burn marks on the bms than it’s probably just the port

As I said before you definitely shorted something, if you can take the bms out and check if it works properly independent of the esk8. If it doesn’t replace it. If the charging port is charred in any way you should replace that too but if the wires are fine then it should be a-ok

When something electronic gets wet, never ever use it or turn it on until a week has passed and it’s completely dry.

Also like @koralle said, photos would help immensely

Actually in terms of electronics it is not a very good idea to leave something to dry out. At least not something that is powered like your phone notebook skateboard… remove the battery immediately from the circuit and then it is ok to let it dry. The presence of electricity speeds up corrosion which can be conductive (cause complete shorts or affect the resistance etc.) It is much better to displace the water with something noncorrosive like alcohol etc but still removing power source from the circuit is the best first step

In your case, measure the output voltage of the charger and if there is voltage present on the charging port of the board. Be careful not to short stuff. If the board turns on, the problem is not the battery but maybe some fuse on the charging port if there is any, or part of the BMS or the charger (maybe fuse on output of the charger or input which is generally lower than breaker current which would explain why it did not flip if that was the case)

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Today I will check the power supply, and the charging port with a tester, and post pics

Chargers have short protection Its probably the bms fried

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how can i know if the bms is fried? is there any way to check?

The board is dried and working (motors spin etc.). But it doesn’t charge, I’m now trying to change the plugs… As soon as I didn’t my tester I will check the powerbrick

I shorted my charge port a few days ago. Just had to replace the port, everything else is fine. Hopefully this is also true in your case.

see if you get any voltage from your charger if not open up the battery and inspect from inside

I finally had time to check my e-board. The charger doesn’t output anything.

What are the specs of the charger? Because I now need to replace it, and I have some that might be compatible. (I’m going to change the plug since it was also fried)