Drop through deck -> to less space for motor. What are my options?

Hello guys! I build my first electric skateboard from an APOLLO Longboard and run into some issues… my deck is way to low for mounting the 63 Motor.

I use the 3d printed version from @solidgeek of the motor mound and modified it a little bit… with a bit too much flow and and a bit too hot, it turns out as a very stable motor mount! Thanks for that! BUT I don’t have enough space under my board for the big motor as u can see in the pictures… only 5mm on top and maybe 8mm on the bottom. I mean… it works nicely… for a few rides :slight_smile: then the plastic is broken from the scratches and I have to reprint it.

IMG_2819 IMG_5503

I don’t want to buy another longboard, so I have two options:

  • I just mount the drop though trucks on the bottom suface of my deck instead of the top, what gives me maybe 15mm more space… sounds awesome, do I loos a lot of stability?
  • cut off the front and back and swing the motor with the motor mount more up is this ok? Then the it would like this… is it still ok or unsable? 7362c1d8-351f-4b1f-9ef2-1bfaac67cc7d

Thanks for your help! nice community here!

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Lots of guys end up mounting under the board on drop decks for the same reason. If you don’t have split angles built into your truck set up, mounting under will also allow angled risers to add to stability if needed.

In case you haven’t come across split angles info

Helps greatly with stability

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drop mounts usually need motors rear mounted.

which also means mount arm tends to be a bit longer to clear the nose of the deck.

and sometimes requires motor wells for clearance at full lean.

also, no printed mount has lasted from what i can remember. yea, you’ll set off on them initially but they’ll eventually break, and picture that happening at 20mph+.

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I printed mine in carbon fiber infused PLA, and inserted steel rods for strenght. It never broke, and I used it daily. It can be done, if done correctly. However it was quite bulky, so I upgraded it to an aluminum version carved on my X-Carve CNC :slight_smile:


No, its not the problem of stability in the build itself. But I doesn’t have any good steel rods. So I just added some more structure points and its incredible strong now even without rods. Printed in ABS (high flow, high temp, 4 outlines 50% infill). I also added some hex nuts on the backside and stuff to fit it more good on my trucks.

Have u ever tried to print one as an double belt motor mount? Would be a nice project.


But if this hits one time the street because of my super low deck, it get very fast cracks… and…


definitely not a problem from your design.

I would build an CNC too, have a lot of THK Linear rails 15mm here for free… around 12 pierces. BUT DEFINITELY NO SPACE IN MY FLAT. :slight_smile: Sorry it went totally into OFFTOPIC The picture is from my living room :smiley: IMG_4508

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really interested on cnc as well, more than 3d printing if I had to pick between the two for esk8 applications. @solidgeek got me looking up x-carve and looks to be a decent entry level cnc that can also machine aluminum which is what most parts on our esk8s are made of I believe?

Wow lucky, that is a lot of money just in linear rails and bearings.

If u need some, I ll sell a few of them for a low price. Just contact me. (I am from Germany)

Thanks man, I would if I did not already buy what I needed. Mine are most certainly fake hiwin but they were cheap and shipping is a [email protected]#% were I live.

I most definitely would like to see your machine when it is done though. I have not mounted mine yet, I planned on using linear bearings to upgrade my xcarve but haven’t had the time yet.

Show off :joy::joy:

I was faced with the same issue, in not wishing to loose the drop thru. Found a fairly easy solution.

I was able to keep stock height with drop thru, relatively easily. Not exactly sure why no one has done it this way before, but it’s been working great for me. I have too much clearance in fact, and will be lowering my motors for the next build.

Extend your wheelbase as I did on my Darth Maul, you will have more room to fit motors in reverse position.