Drop through deck: trimming noses & fiberglass reinforcement - need some advice?

Hello guys, I’m newbie from Vietnam. I’m having this blank deck and planning to make an evolve clone. For fitting my dual setup I think that I should cut those nose off and reinforce the deck with fiberglass. My question here is:

  1. Should I trim it ?
  2. Resin to use with fiberglass: epoxy ? polyester or vinylester ?

Thanks :wink:


maybe you can try these.



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Yeah, already think about making that with CNC machine but I still want to use fiberglass, because the deck is really cheap, just about 10$ on taobao :smile:

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In all honesty, maybe just buy a swithblade deck and call it a day?

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Cuz I want to DIY and improve cheap components as much as possible, and because there are too hard to find swithblade deck in vietnam or taobao (chinese), they just sell top mount cruiser and dancing deck

The only way to get esk8 components is through taobao of china :joy:

I see, well I had my fair share of cutting, grinding, filing and what not, the conclusion I came to was - Start with a deck, that already is good, you save loads of time, and future proof yourself from possible errors.

Thanks for your advice. I can find Maker-X mini foc for just 95$ or good electronic components with better price instead of price on official websites. But with decks, trucks n’ wheels is a different story, there are a lot of counterfeits so rather buy noname goods. If you search with english keywords, all shops will uprise there price :rofl:

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