Drop Through vs Wedged Angles

Okay so I know that the deck being lower to the ground makes it more stable at speed, and wedging/dewedging the trucks also makes it more stable. My understanding is that you can’t wedge a dropped truck, so what route would provide more stability. I ask this as I’m slowly shopping around for a second deck to add to my repertoire

Mounting drop with trucks with built-in split angles

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Why did I not think of that its so simple :joy: Now to find a retailer for Caliber II baseplates in Aus

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Just need one.

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Bloody legend, thank you EDIT: would this baseplate be better on the front or rear?

This may help. Seems problematic though. Feel you with the whole aus thing bro. :roll_eyes: Fyi though. My set up is double drop with 218 and is stable as all fuck. Up to 55 kmh. Bushings are a defo must though. Good quality and the right duro. Kind of a try and see thing. What works for me might not work with your riding style. When the set up is good you can ride out a wobble but if not then it’s change you undies time. I’m still struggling with a fast carving machine. Seems to be one or the other atm.

I think you want the 35 in the back with 50 in the front.

@squishy654 Or https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/split-truck-angles-wtf-are-they-and-why-should-i-care-and-other-stuff-about-trucks/57929

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I’m currently in the middle of transitioning my build from a DIYeboard kit to a full DIY build, and while I’m doing this I am slowly figuring out what bushings suit me

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Yeah mate it’s like that and no one can really help because it so very much depends on your style of riding. ![image|666x500](upload://iC0OtfneDEWZ0iowlbDy3oA3LEW.jpeg This thing is my toy build that started life as a Chinese prebuilt piece of turd.

Image not working fam

Having issues with phone uploads. Computer is cactus too fml Feel lost. Fridge works though. Beer time.


Be putting up a reiteration build thread soon so all the pics will be there. Basically all that’s left is the deck but the missus can’t tell the difference :joy:

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That’s a good place to start for most common eskate wheelbases…I like it myself…

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As far as I know, long skis have some disadvantages that the grip when turning will be worse, especially at high speeds. Concentrated stress on bolts and nuts reduces deck structural strength, but bending compensates this. For the longboard drop, you should not go downhill and make sharp turns at high speed.