Dropthrough deck for my build

I didn’t found any reasonable prised drop-thru which i really like. So i bought nice stiff top mount and made it drop-thru.

I also changed it to 25 and now settled got a stiffer deck.

Will not be bombing high speeds before I get comfortable with riding don’t worry :slight_smile:

@Mrmoonlight has this build with the exact deck https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/b/3/b3c12a274523ac99e11621c1267707798d146b67.JPG

It is topmounted tho, but I will have to figure out if dropthrough will be rideable, if not I’ll just topmount it.

My battery configuration will be a 10S4P pack I will make from 18650’s (30Q or 25R) from www.nkon.nl

I’ll get a BMS and power supply from www.batterysupports.com

And I will make a fancy little spark switch with a key :stuck_out_tongue:

I did check It about but their site required a password. Looks very premium though.

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I picked up a second hand Comet Loki for my build. Also wanting it to be low it is a a drop through but a compromise might be a flush mount? I dont think you’ll be able to find a Loki but I have found this Pagen which is the longer version. It is mighty stiff though but this will help with mounting (I am going single enclosure). love the shape and locked in feel. http://www.conflictskates.co.uk/comet-pagan-flush-mount-skateboard-deck-race-downhill--slide-sale-price-14350-p.asp

Tried it drop-thru. The motor fit, but there wasn’t enough room to turn. This motor has a cover, so it’s a bit larger, but the space is still too tight. If you use a smaller motor and carve out a “wheel well” it would work, but I’d worry about creating a weak point in the board.

I have also used a Hammond b40 bought in Groningen at Gravitysuply’s. I like it a lot :slight_smile:

So to keep this continued, are there any low drop decks with top mounted axles?? looking for some for a new build!

top mounted axles?


it is also called double drop, damn i meant trucks, translated literally :zipper_mouth_face:

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wait, you said topmounted trucks?

do you mean dropped/lowered or double drop?

dude my brain, it hurts

primarily DROPPED

lol. topmounted = mounted to the bottom of the board. like a normal deck

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sure, but you can have a dropped deck with a dropmount, in this cased called double drop.

it is not always implicit that a dropped deck has topmount trucks

yea i’m aware, but in your 1st post you said you wanted a topmounted drop down.

in your second post you said you wanted double drop. i’m just clarifying so I can find you an acceptable deck.

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yes, that was my mistake.

im kinda looking for something like the landyachtz evo or omen tko

bump! http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-wood-and-carbon-decks-group-buy/43245/250 110$

shipping to [GER]? damn yurope!

@bigben in Uk is willing to get them shipped directly from the manufacturer…skipping tariffs and stuff hopefully too.

yeah that would just be perfect.

same price for wood or carbon, looking for wood. how long is wheelbase? Flex? concave shape? width? need at best all of the details…