DRV Error...but only one VESC!

Finally got my board finished and took it out for a ride. FAILURE :sob:

10s Lipo Dual VESC Dual 6374 190kv 15/36 97mm Clones

I made about a 10 minute ride and noticed my board felt sluggish all of a sudden. Knowing I was nowhere near the voltage or temperature shutdown I stopped and removed my enclosure. One vesc was still operating perfectly, the other would flash 3 red lights when I applied throttle. I took the board home and plugged it into the BLDC tool. The still running vesc, no errors. The other vesc, DRV 3802 Error. How can one vesc die and the other keep going. They are literally set up identical. They are joined with a Y Cable with one of the 5v wires clipped. The board was running perfectly!

If it makes a difference for anything. The vesc with the DRV error was setup on a brand new 6374.

I had that happen to me once. Could be a plethora of things. Can you see what the current ramp step is currently?

Those all look okay. Could have been an ERPM issue (you’ve got it set to 100,000, I usually say 60,000), but I’d be surprised. can you get a screenshot of the motor advanced tab?

Here you go. I have never changed anything in this page.

There’s your problem. the max current ramp step is 40 and it’s suppose to be .04 this is certainly what blew your DRV chip Yours

What it should be

This is caused by a ramp step bug that was present in an old version of vesc firmware.

Aside from that issue, your motor max is really low at 55a. most motors can go 80a easy. And your Battery min setting is really high at -35a and is might be more than your battery can handle for regen charging.

Dude thanks for the info!! I had no clue this was an issue. This sucks!!

Creds to @rpn314 for thinking of it first. This is a fairly old issue that was corrected some time ago with revised firmware.

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Unfortunately I have never had a vesc with this issue and when I purchased this one I wasn’t aware of such an issue. I purchased this vesc from a member here who is a great guy and very credible. This is a tough lesson to learn.

Time to call the DRV Wizard

Any clue what it will cost? Pretty sure this was a repaired cheapo vesc to start with. It may be worth buying used or cheap. I plan to do the @Titoxd10001group buy for 2 FOCBOX.

where are you located ?

New York City

Price for repair is 45USD per Units (return shipping include)…

Or if I also have some FOCBOX for sale right now :wink:

Pm sent sir

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Sorry for the loss, but glad I could help you find the issue! If you haven’t already, I’d check the second one as well, just to be safe :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help man!! I just checked the other and i doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

My pleasure! Good. Just in case, you check it by writing and read a few times. The values shouldn’t change. The bug was when you wrote data, it would increase by 10x. It was a bug with the initial release of 2.18 and plagued many of us (me included). It was fixed, but the firmware version was not incremented so both the buggy version and the clean version are v2.18 and the only way to tell is the repeated read/write above.

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