DRV error is it fried? (focbox)

i got this error, i don’t hope its broken. Bought this one because they say its reliable… anyone that knows a fix?aAxs%20(2)

when i type faults in blcd tools terminial it doesnt say there is an error

does the motor spin?

No it doesn’t…

Terminal now gives the drv error…

They are very reliable, I have four of them running perfectly. The best thing to do if you bought it from a registered reseller is let the Enertion techs help you. @carl.1

I have contacted them, didn’t hear much from them. Already send mine away for repair…

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It has been repaired thanks all!

was the issue DRV related?

how much was the fix

The drv chip was broken indeed and repair costs where 35 euro and sending costs were 9

It has been made for a few months now :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Either you live in The Netherlands or I’m blind.

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It’s the Netherlands indeed, what gave it away?

Canals, flat, neat and tidy, bylaw observance, cycle path markings

But there may be more!

Oh and buttboarding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What not indeed :sweat_smile:

I recognise those bike paths anywhere. The Netherlands is the most “bike central” country in the world.

Hey @Joris97, Where did you get your focbox repaired? Thanks Tony