DRV-Fault, connection lost for 3 seconds. Maybe BMS?

Hey, I have a problem with a board. The board consists of the following components: Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 (10s3p, fuse, XT60, charger, BMS, display) DIYElectric VESC 4.12 v.218 ( at the moment firmware 2.54 with the ackermaniac BLDC Tool) Torque Boards 6355 Engine, 230 kV

The board went really well and had no problems.

At some point I noticed, however, that the connection occasionally breaks off and one can neither accelerate nor brake. after about 3 seconds of waiting, the board can be controlled normally again. When reading out with the BLDC tool, the same error occurred and the error code FAULT_CODE_DRV8302 is displayed. (When this failure happens, the red LED Blinks 2x3Times )

Motor detection works (Hall sensors are not detected (tested on 2 motors)), but when trying to accelerate the motor with the arrow keys the error FAULT_CODE_DRV8302 appears immediately.

Furthermore, I noticed that the Space Cell3 only shows 100% as charging display (if you change to display=battery voltage, the correct voltage is displayed).

Has anyone ever had such a mistake or does anyone know of a solution? You can ride the board, but with the interruptions it’s too dangerous! I am grateful for any help!

Greetings Andre

buy a new vesc.

hmm would be the easiest option. But wich one?

Go for a FOCBox, or even a ESCape. :slight_smile:

DIYelectric VESC’s suck, they’re known to be garbage and they keep selling them. (mine died doing 5mph in a parking lot) F*** DIYelectric with a fork

Pretty happy with my FOCbox

Did you figure out what was the issue ?