DRV fault on brand new focbox

Hello. I bought a 2 focboxes from enertion earlier this year, and was going to set them up today. One of the focboxes does motor detection flawlessly and works perfect, while the other is not able to do motor detection in either BLDC or FOC mode. When i write “fault” into the terminal, i get “fault_code_DRV”… I guess this means that my DRV is shot, but I figured I could ask anyway, especially since the focbox is brand new… Any input on what the problem could be would be appreciated

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Check the motor. Maybe you have a short on the windings which fried the drv during motor detection. Check also the mounting screws on your motor. If they too long they can short the phase wires.

The motor works with the other focbox, so it cant be shorted… Also my mounting screws is defenitely not too long… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not so easy to make a diagnostic from the far if you don’t see what’s going on. So it was just a guess. Your bullet connectors isolated so that they can’t touch each other? Any possibility that there was a spark when first time connected the focbox to the battery?

Yup, phase wires isolated so no chance of shorting there. There was a spark when connecting the battery, however this was caused by no antispark. Was going to take my e-mtb with me on holiday, seems like that arent going to happen:/

You’ve opened a case with us, we will send you a replacement.