DRV fried on another VESC

Parts VESC 4.12 (FW: 3.38) Motor Batterys

Settings 12s BLDC PPM & UART Imgur

I have have been using mu built eBoard for around 6 months now, and put probably close to 1000 miles on it. The board has been functioning perfectly fine the entire time. Recently I took a small ride, about 20 minutes then put the board down for 10. When I got back on it I accelerated hard and made it maybe 10 feet before it gave out under my feet. Took the board home and stripped it down, ran faults and kept getting a drv error.

So my process so far has been simple, but I started by getting 3 new DRV’s and I put a new one in without changing any settings. It fried as soon as I gave any load to the motor (without the pully attached!), instantly done. So I then replaced it again, and reupdated all my settings (No idea what settings I was using prior) so I would have a fresh start and know it wasn’t due to me fucking up a setting prior.

My issue is that when I try to detect the motor, it doesn’t turn. The motor flicks a little but and makes that high pitched noise R/C cars do, but nothing else. So here I am thinking I must have a failed motor but when I use my multimeter on the motor there is no shorts at all, and 0.3 Ohms phase to phase. When I put the motor in a drill and measure the AC voltage every phase makes about 1.6 volts.

So here I am, out of ideas and am looking to you guys for some guidance.

if there frying your not soldering them correctly u need pretty good equipment to do it properly

The original fried too, I never soldered that one or changed the settings in 6 months of riding it. I’m not new to SMD soldering and have used all the proper equipment.

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then it’s just a faulty pcb

So I can connect it to the PC, flash firmware on it, upload new settings, it blinks and responds, the PPM is working, and its faulty?

Also I have just found that T motor in realtime data is reading -70-80C.