DRV8301 Replacement

I am try to replace the DRV8301 on this Dual FSESC 6.6. After clean and clean, I have noticed 2 bridged on left bottom PINs. Is this normal?

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I know very little about this topic. From what I’ve seen those fingers sometimes are bridged on purpose. Maybe someone else knows? Have you looked for a datasheet on that chip in particular?

Have you tried emailing Flipsky?

Btw kudos for having the skill to progress that far. Not many people could or would bother to try.

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Thank you. I have done these a few years back with 8302. 4.10 I have seen only 1 bridged I did send a message to FlipSky earlier today and did ask a few people from the community just to collect some feedback. I did look at the datasheet ,and they are there… but still curious of them.

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I dont know what the annotations mean but it does look like pins 24 25 and 26 are bridged in that diagram.

Yes, a couple of them are bridged.


24, 25 and 26 are definitely not bridged :slight_smile: tp means test points. 50-51 and 53-54 are definitely bridged an it overlaps with the first picture of the drv footprint.


I like to defer to the experts in these kinds of situations. Thanks for the clarification.

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Yes, DRV8301 on Dual FSESC 6.6 have 2 bridged legs 50-51 and 53-54.

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