DRV8302 error, how to verify this error is correct?


I am getting DRV8302 error. 1 motor power cable came off and it touched some where near mosfets. Visually DRV8302, looks completely fine. No hole or anything like others post.

So I am a bit skeptical if Software error prompt can be %100 correct about DRV8302 error.

How can I physically verify that DRV8302 is the malfunctioning chip on the VESC?

Try reflashing the firmware with the bootloader… but, if it worked prior to the loose wire incident then it likely fried something. If this is an Ollin VESC you can send it in and we will fix it, will only cost you shipping.

I think mine is fliermodel origin, bought from alienpowersystems.

I am afraid of going through all replacement then it ends up still not working, because another part was fried. I already ordered and have new drv8302 in hand anyways. But I want to make sure before unsoldering old one.